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Debate stirs over 'America's Harvest Box,' food benefit plan

Mar 10, 2018

The Trump administration says the plan is meant to streamline how healthy food gets to those who need it most, but state officials say the push to replace some cash benefits with a pre-assembled package of shelf-stable goods is full of holes

Virginia distillery awaits approval of breadfruit whiskey

Mar 10, 2018

A Virginia distillery is seeking approval to become the first commercial distiller of whiskey made from breadfruit

New king cheese crowned world champion in Wisconsin

Mar 9, 2018

A new king cheese is crowned in Wisconsin

McDonald's flips golden arches to a 'W' for women's day

Mar 8, 2018

McDonald's temporarily flips golden arches to look like a "W" for International Women's Day

Coca-Cola may get boozy in Japan with bubbly alcoholic drink

Mar 7, 2018

Coca-Cola may be getting into the booze business again by developing a bubbly alcoholic drink in Japan

Center of cheese universe returns to Wisconsin

Mar 7, 2018

Two years after a Wisconsin cheese captured top honors, the World Championship Cheese Contest is back for another round

What's fresh at McDonald's? The beef in some burgers

Mar 6, 2018

McDonald's is rolling out a big change: Swapping out frozen patties for fresh beef in some burgers

5 types of apples, once thought extinct, are rediscovered

Mar 6, 2018

Five types of apples once thought to be extinct have been rediscovered in northern Idaho and eastern Washington

Restaurant review platform The Infatuation buys Zagat

Mar 5, 2018

Restaurant discovery platform The Infatuation acquires industry pioneer Zagat from Google

Food boxes, not stamps? Idea in Trump budget worries grocers

Mar 5, 2018

Small grocers and shoppers have questions about proposal for delivered food boxes

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