Finns Garage in Webster, NY Issues Silent Symptom Car Safety Reminders

Finns Garage reminds residents of Webster New York of the importance of having cars and trucks serviced immediately if one of four silent symptoms of trouble arises.

Webster, United States - November 17, 2018 /PressCable/ —

Full-service car repair and auto shop Finns Garage, in Webster, NY is issuing an important safety reminder to car and truck owners ahead of the winter weather. “Everyone knows that rattles, squeaks and noises that your car or truck make are indicative of a problem. But, there are silent symptoms that can indicate serious safety risks for drivers and passengers,” said Kevin Finn, third generation Finn family member operating the 80-year old business.

According to Finn, four silent symptoms that your car needs to be serviced include the following:

Smoky Exhaust

The tailpipe serves a vital role as the emissions outlet for your car. In cold weather, such as in New York winters, it’s natural that you’ll be able to see white vapor coming from your tailpipe, in the same way, you can see your breath in cold temperatures. But if the exhaust is smoky, after the car has had a chance to warm up, there could be a problem. “There may be coolant leaking into the engine, or there may be a problem with oil if the smoke has a blue tint,” said Finn. If the smoky emissions are gray, it’s possible that transmission fluid is burning. “Black smoke is particularly troubling because this can mean that the engine is being flooded with gasoline,” he said. “If you’re seeing smoky vapor and emissions coming from your exhaust, you need to take your car into a top-rated auto repair shop as soon as possible,” he emphasized.

Check Engine Light is On

Some studies have shown that at any given time 10% of cars on the road have a Check Engine light on. Although the Check Engine light can come on for many reasons that aren’t immediate safety concerns, in other instances the appearance of the Check Engine light can indicate a serious problem. “The Check Engine light may come on simply because the gas cap isn’t closed tightly,” said Finn. Other causes for the light coming on may include the need for new spark plugs, a new airflow sensor, a new catalytic converter, or a new oxygen sensor. Instances where the Check Engine light indicates an immediate safety concern, include problems such as an overheating engine, which can leave you stranded with smoke pouring from under the hood.

Sluggish Acceleration

If you notice your car is slow to accelerate, there are several probable causes. Assuming that your car has plenty of fuel, one of the most common causes of sluggish acceleration is a problem with the car’s spark plugs. “Spark plugs provide the spark which ignites the air and fuel mixture needed for your car to run. Without that spark, your car or truck’s engine can’t function properly,” said Finn. Signs of spark plug failure can include difficulty starting the car, and slow acceleration. Other common causes of sluggish acceleration can be a problem with the Mass Airflow Sensor, a problem with the fuel pump, and problems with fuel injectors. Sluggish acceleration can be particularly dangerous when drivers are merging onto highways. “If your car won’t accelerate properly, you need to have an inspection at an auto repair shop,” said Finn.

Fuel Odor Inside Vehicle

If you smell gasoline inside your car or truck, after you leave the pump, and the smell goes away quickly, there is probably not cause for concern. Gasoline may have gotten on the gas cap, on your hand, clothing or shoe. However, if you haven’t recently put gas in your car, and you suspect a gas leak, you need to exercise extreme caution. If you see gasoline leaking from your car, for example, you should call your local fire department. If you cannot see the leak, it’s best to contact a top-rated auto repair shop, before driving the car. It may need to be towed in for repairs. A lasting odor of fuel in your car is an indication of danger, and you should avoid driving your car until the problem has been diagnosed.

Finn’s Garage in Webster, NY offers services including: Check Engine light repairs, oil changes, belt inspections, tune-ups, suspension repairs, steering system repairs, braking system repairs, electrical system repairs, engine performance and exhaust services, wheel alignments, fuel induction system service, and more. Finn’s Garage services all makes and models of cars and trucks.

Located at 45 East Main Street in Webster, NY, Finn’s Garage is a full-service family owned auto repair and service shop. Visit, or call 585.265.9620.

Contact Info:
Name: Kevin Finn
Organization: Finns Garage
Address: 45 East Main Street, Webster, NY 14580, United States
Phone: +1-585-265-9620

For more information, please visit

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