Harlem GA Exotic Bird Sanctuary Greensboro Bird Viewing Event Announced

Harlem, GA exotic bird sanctuary Birds on the Brink Sanctuary will host a free special educational and interactive event on the 16th of February. The event will feature a mural exhibit, photo ops with rare exotic birds, and a parrot show by Feathered Friends Forever.

Harlem, United States - February 15, 2019 /PressCable/ —

Harlem, GA exotic bird sanctuary Birds on the Brink Sanctuary announced an upcoming indoor bird viewing and art event. Titled “Excite Your Curiosity!”, the event is scheduled to be on the 16th of February, 2019 at the Highgate Estate and Gardens in Greensboro, GA.

More information about Birds on the Brink Sanctuary is available at https://birdsonthebrink.com

The event will showcase several endangered species of exotic birds and rescue birds. Visitors to the free bird and art showcase may enjoy photo opportunities with several exotic species and a parrot show by Feathered Friends Forever, one of the country’s largest exotic bird shelters and rescue organizations.

“Excite Your Curiosity!” will also exhibit 12 bird-themed wall murals created by artists and members of The Artisans Village Guild of Eatonton, GA for Birds on the Brink Sanctuary. The artwork has been created to adorn an 80-foot wall at the Harlem, GA endangered bird sanctuary. The event will feature the work of local artists Nancy Bolen, Michele Hartung, and nature mobiles by Ted Hatch.

The Fluorescent Mineral Society will also host an educational exhibit for all ages featuring examples of bioluminescence and fluorescence in nature. Children and adults can learn about these phenomena in sea turtles, fireflies, fungi, corals, jellyfish, chameleons, and in a species of South American tree frog. Local Eatonton augmented reality and virtual reality learning & technology company Vizitech USA will also offer a special showcase with interaction with birds and butterflies via holographic technology.

According to a spokesperson for the Columbia County endangered bird sanctuary, “We welcome nature and art lovers—young and old—to our special event. We hope that this free event showcasing the beauty of exotic and non-exotic birds is a reminder of the fragility of these creatures and our responsibility towards ensuring the conservation of their lives and habitats.”

Birds on the Brink Sanctuary is a sanctuary for endangered and threatened species. The sanctuary is a permanent home to more than 900 species of exotic birds. More information about the event is available at https://birdsonthebrink.com/embark-on-discovery/ and at the URL above.

Contact Info:
Name: Ron Johnson
Organization: Birds on the Brink Sanctuary
Address: 612 Byrd Road, Harlem, Georgia 30814, United States
Phone: +1-706-556-2424
Website: https://BirdsontheBrink.com

Source: PressCable

Release ID: 482913

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