How You Can Work 18 Hours a Day and Still Be Fit – Gurbaksh Chahal

The 4:30 am Start: The Routine, Diet, and Exercise. 

As most people know, being a CEO is a tough job, especially when you’re building a company from scratch. Business is the toughest sport you can play as an athlete. You need the endurance to deal with the highs and lows, the stamina to handle the rejection, and the courage to master the art of sacrifice. Discipline becomes your biggest strength and time your biggest enemy.

Doing all this while maintaining your health becomes challenging. But, like anything in life, we can do it – we just have to put in the effort by showing up and increasing our tolerance for pain. Many have asked what my diet, routine, and workout regimen is like. So, here’s what I do.

Weight Is Irrelevant, BMR Is Everything.

Get your Body Fat % checked immediately. Weight as a number is irrelevant. If you are able to get your starting body fat %, you can now begin to determine how long it will take you to realize your fitness goals. You also will get a reading of your basal metabolic rate (BMR).

BMR is the amount of energy expended while at rest (also known as the calories you need to consume just to maintain your current weight).
One general rule of thumb (if you are doing everything right) you can only lose 1 to 1.3% of body fat per week. In my case, at 26 weeks I lost an average of 1.18% body fat per week.

Output calories = My BMR + Exercise.Input calories = How many calories I consume through food.Weight Loss = A Caloric DeficitGurbaksh Chahal

Get A Routine Going

It’s necessary to have a routine every day. This is mine.

4:30 am: Wake Up4:30am – 5:30am: 1 Hour Steady-State Cardio (Incline Jog, 4.0mph with an 8.0 incline)5:30am – 7:00pm: Work7:00pm – 8:00pm: 1 Hour Strength Workout (Weights)8:00pm – 8:15pm: 2 Mile Evening Run8:15pm – 12:15am: Finish Work1:00am – 4:30am: Sleep

Sunday is my only rest day for Strength Training. However, I still do Cardio (steady-state cardio + evening run) every day on repeat. I also don’t consume any alcohol. However, I drink 2-3 gallons of water per day.


Here are 5 workouts laid out by the personal trainer of Gurbaksh Chahal, Victor Tsui, to help build muscle. You can simply adjust the weight based on your starting point but the goal is to hit the big muscle groups twice a week while increasing your weight over time. Do 3-4 sets of each exercise.

Daily Cardio Morning Steady-State Cardio for 1 hour. 4.0mph with 8.0 incline on the treadmill.15 minute, 2 miles run in the evening. Also, helps me unwind mentally for the day.

Workout #1 Legs Shoulder:

A1) Walking Lunges 16kgs x 12 reps A2) Dumbbell Shoulder Press 26kgs x 12 repsB1) Goblet Squat 28kgs x 12 repsB2) Arnold Press 16 kgs x 12 reps C1) Single Leg Step Ups 16 kgs x 12 each legC2) Side Raises 8 kgs x 12-15 reps D1) Kettlebell Swing 16kgs x 1min D2) Plate Hold (in front of the body) 10kgs x 1 min 

Workout #2 Chest Biceps :

A1) Push Ups 15 repsB1) Flat Dumbbell Press 30kgs x 10 repsOr Flat Smith Machine Bench Press 60kgs x 10 reps B2) Standing Bicep Curls 14kgs x 12 reps C1) Incline Dumbbell Press 24kgs x 10repsC2) Hammer Curls 12kgs x 15 repsD1) Flat Dumbbell Flyes 14kgs x 15 reps D2) Incline Bicep Curls 14kgs x 12 reps

Workout #3 Back Triceps :

A1) Dumbbell Row 30kgs x 10-12repsA2) Skull Crushers 10 kgs x 10-12repsB1) Chest Supported Row 18kgs x 12 repsB2) Cable Straight Bar Tricep Pushdown 17.5kgs x 10-12 repsC1) Seated Single Arm Cable Rows 17.5kgs x 12 repsC2) Tricep Bench Dips (20kg plate on lap) x 12 repsD1) Lat Pulldown 40kgs x 12repsD2) Alternating Single Arm Tricep Extension 7.5kgs x 15 reps 

Workout #4 Shoulder Core:

A1) Smith Machine Barbell Shoulder Press 45kgs x 12 reps A2) Plank 1minB1) Arnold Press 16kgs x 10-12 repsB2) Reverse Crunch 1minC1) Side Shoulder Raises 8 kgs x 12 repsC2) Russian Twist 12kg kettlebell 1minD1) Front Shoulder Raises 10kgs x 12 reps D2) Plate Crunch 20kg x 15 reps

Workout #5 Full body (minus shoulder):

A1) Smith Machine Incline Chest Bench Press  20kgs (each side) x 12 repsA2) Bent over Dumbbell Row 22kgs x 12 repsA3) Heel Tap 60 reps (each side) B1) Cable Chest flyes 12.5 kgs x 12 reps B2) Walking Lunges 16kgsB3) Mountain Climbers 1 minC1) Decline Push-ups 15 reps C2) Chest Supported Row 18kgs x 12 reps C3) Reverse crunch 1 minYou Make Muscle at the Gym and Abs in the Kitchen.

Your Diet is essential to any fitness goal you set. It’s your input of calories. To make my life easier, I do meal preps as I find this to be crucial to know how much I am consuming. Many times when we don’t measure our meals – we end up eating way more calories & servings that we don’t account for.

My Diet consists of Low Carb, Medium Fat, High Protein. On the weekends, I opt for a similar breakfast but for lunch and dinner, I eat extra chicken with salad. I also love Quest Hero Protein Bars, make at least 1 Protein Shake, and eat 2 tablespoons of Peanut Butter after dinner.

Diet Plan For Helping You Achieve Your Fitness Goals Everyone’s Results Will Vary

To me, this was a personal decision to get back into my normal shape and make health a priority again. If I wanted to be successful in my professional life, I need to make it a priority to take care of my health.

Remember to take everything one day at a time. It can be done and you can do it. I’m rooting for you. It takes 45 days to create a behaviour into a habit. Memorize yours: Routine, Diet, and Exercise.

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